Sex Toys Most Women Hunted

Sex Toys or sex aids whose function is to add delicious flavor when will the act of intercourse or when they do without a partner (masturbating) have been widely used by women.

This is clearly a pleasure toy manufacturers vying for product innovation “oh ho” is selling well in the market and more satisfying its users.

Currently variant of dildos and various sex aids tiger arising from the creators of innovation more easily found.

Sex toys industry has become an industry with billions of dollars of value based on reports from CNN for more than half of respondents or as much as 53 percent of women using sex aids.

Below are some types of sex aids that have increased demand (sales):

1. Naughty Bod
Vibrator that you can plug it into your iPod and vibrates to the beat of music that is heard

2. Fluffy handcuffs
Such cuffs are wrapped feathers, mostly pink kinky

3. Vibrating panties by Booty Parlor
Panties (panties) that dilengkai with wireless remote, so sipenguna can utilize a vibration in the CD without the knowledge of the general public, so it can fit more

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