For Women “Infatuation” When Sex

The peak of sexual pleasure that is felt men and women are usually marked with orgasm and erection. But not all couples can achieve it.

For those who want to make partner to achieve sexual pleasure, here are some tips given by an American sexologists, Patti Britton who quoted from Health24:

Turn off the lights before action
Men are sexually stimulated by visuals. While women often differ in this respect, they tend to be more responsive to what they hear and feel. Turning off the lights might be more evident for women.

Ask your partner what she likes
Generally, men are fairly simple creatures and will respond to direct questions honestly about what he enjoyed. This can be done through a glass of wine, or service in the bedroom.

Often easier to talk about sex if you’re not in a sexual situation that is uncomfortable. Better to feel a bit stupid for a few minutes rather than find out, months in advance, that what you have done to him is not wanted.

Use your hands to gently
Developing hand technique is the perfect way to begin to explore sexual pleasure. Not only will you learn how to make sex more intense sensation, but also to find out when the couple will reach peak enjoyment.

Therefore you should be more gentle. Men can do the more rough and very painful, especially in the early moments of lovemaking.

Give the cue when to stop or start the scrimmage
Sex is not a train journey that run fast. Sex can also be slow. Slowing the sexual excitement before orgasm can not be avoided, and then you can start it again. Therefore, you must deliver on cue in pairs for maximum progress.

Many men experience more powerful orgasms, when a previous sexual relationship did not last five minutes.

Gently caressed the nipple Miss V and her
Use hand, mouth, or even your own nipples. Ask the firm if he wanted to touch the soft or the reverse, do not just assume it.

A kiss to arouse
Ranging from gentle kiss. You can explore with him gently. Remember that none of you can play with your tongue.

Never underestimate the power of suggestion
Description of what you want to do for her, having great power. Suggestion can interfere with one’s dinner schedule or make someone leave work early.

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