Reasons Many People Like Sex In Car

In addition to being a means of transportation and lifestyle, the car also appeared to function as a bed where to channel sexual desire. A study proves this. End of 2010 (trader car online in the UK) explains the survey. From a thousand respondents, 54% of drivers in the UK admitted happy sex in the car.

Ternyata tidak sedikit orang yang menginginkan hal yang beresiko  dilakukan

Although they freely admit not do it and worry about getting caught, 22% said sex in the car is a fantastic experience. 32% said no equal. One in three men (28%) thought fantastic. Only 18% of women thought the same. Meanwhile, 31% of women say ‘sex’ in the car is wrong and 11% of men think the same.

Seks dalam mobil bagi sebagian orang dirasakan sebagai tantangan  yang sensasional

The survey results also explain as much as 13% of those aged 18-24 years have tried and enjoyed. While 39% of those aged 55 years say fantastic.

This is the 10 cars that became a favorite to make love in it:

1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate; with generous luggage space becomes the perfect place for couples who are drunk love

2. VW Beetle (original);somewhat tight ,but something that is hard to definitely will feel very satisfied when it can be achieved

3. Ferrari 458 Italy; choose a Ferrari With the ever semi-auto gearbox so no one injured due to gear lever

4. Mini Cooper; recreate the feel of romance in the era of the ’60s by adjusting the time

5. Volvo V70; most comfortable for doggy style

6. VW Golf GTI, a car is satisfactory in terms of efficiency, as well as a car that provides satisfaction in matters of sex

7. Alfa Romeo Spider; cars very romantic for adult women and those who recently graduated college

8. Rolls Royce Ghost; you imagine making love on the luxury

9. Aston Martin Vanquish, you will be addicted, said Roger Moore

10. Land Rover Discovery; no matter the weather conditions are bad, Disco will bring you to the romantic story of a remote area.

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