20 Types of Kissing

1. Butterfly Kiss: Kissing him with the body of the eyelash flutter up to the couple seemed amused. A kiss may be granted on the cheeks, tip of the lips, forehead or stomach.

2. Cheek Kiss: This kiss is usually given at the first date as a sign of “I love you”. A kiss on the cheek could be more intimate if you know how, put your hand on his shoulder and then before the first kiss on the cheek with a swab of your lips, do it with great tenderness.

3. Eskimo Kiss: A kiss each other by rubbing noses with your partner. Let more fun and like the Eskimos, perform in front of an open refrigerator!

4. Eyelid Kiss: While your partner is asleep, kiss her eyelids are closed with very slow and intimate. A kiss can mean a simple but very profound for the he

5. Freeze Kiss: A kiss is done after the lip sticked ice cubes. Cold but fun! There are other ways that are not less she cried, kissing you and your partner while playing ice cubes with the tongue in the mouth.

6. Earlobe Kiss: Kiss your partner’s right in his ear, but do not be silent! Simply breath just because your voice will make him aghast.

7. The Whipped Cream Kiss: This is the kind of kiss is exciting and full of lust. Dip your finger into the whipped cream, then lick your fingers slowly. Next you and your partner hugging and kissing each other, a sweet kiss on the mouth because you are still remaining whipped cream flavors.

8. Foot Kiss: A kiss romantic-filled â € ~ isyaratâ € ™. Perhaps your partner will be slightly amused, so make the he felt more relaxed and enjoy every kiss you. The trick, massage his feet first and start the action as she caressed a kiss you from the bottom up.

9. Quickie Kiss: a brief kiss you can give in when you’re really busy. Smack his nose and then kissed her lips. A kiss is just takes ¼ second!

10. Forehead Kiss: Called kiss kiss mother because it is soothing to anyone. No kiss on the forehead which can stimulate appetite.

11. French Kiss: Can also called The Home Kiss or Soul Kiss, kiss style that requires your expertise and your partner play the tongue.

12. Fruit Kiss: A kiss that uses pieces of fruit (grapes, strawberries, or apple slices.) How: Place the fruit in between your mouth and hold your mouth to him. Bite the fruit half until you and your partner’s lips sticking together, then please kissing passionately.

13. Hand Kiss: Kissing the back of his hand with intimate partner and then propagate to the top.

14. Lick Kiss: Before the kiss took place, play your tongue on the lips. If the atmosphere got hotter then your tongue into her mouth. Wow!

15. Talking Kiss: Every now and then while kissing it could not hurt you to say I love you in the mouth. Hmm … smooch atmosphere more so romantic.

16. Nip Kiss: A kiss is erotic and full of sensation. When kissing, occasionally gigitlah lips. Do it right and do not make him scream in pain.

17. Sip Kiss: Before you kiss the him, a little sip your favorite beverage. Then pour in the mouth. Next creamed lips slowly and let the he enjoyed kissing you.

18. The buzzing Kiss: Kiss slowly telingannya back then with a voice growling and humming affectionate toward her neck. Bite-bite his neck slowly until you find the mouth.

19. Vacuum Kiss: A kiss is done while the couple blew the mouth until the cheek swell. Then kempiskan so that no wind was blowing back and forth from your mouth to the mouth of a partner. But be careful of colds!

20. Tongue sucking: A variation of the French Kiss, when you and your partner play each other the tongue, occasionally hisaplah tongue. Surely he will feel more sexy.





source: http://chatroom.informe.com/20-macam-ciuman-dt80.html

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